Working!! – I Know This is a Guy But…

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Anime, confusing my sexuality since ’06. ”’orz

As for the latest episode (09), I can’t help but think of the Inami X Takanashi shipping as cannon. We know Takanashi is a loli…er minicon and is only interested in Popula, but only Inami X Takanashi would work! Well, at least to me.

This is a gag comedic anime so I shouldn’t be pairing them up and expect something out of their relationship. ^_^’

17 thoughts on “Working!! – I Know This is a Guy But…

  1. If anyone has the right to go out with Inami and/or ask for her hand in marriage, it’s Souta. For being with her and curing her from the very beginning. And no, he doesn’t even need to ask Inami’s dad for permission.

      • He is irritating to the fullest. That obsession of his is seriously getting to my nerves. Not only he is a minicon, but he also looks down on anything that is not included on his “fetish” And to think that he is a SELF-PROCLAIMED ~normal~ person…

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