Lucky Star Image Song: “Kosutte! Oh My Honey” By: Hirano Aya & Sasaki Nozomi

I’ve been possessed by this song, and it is NOT because of Hirano Aya!! It’s because of Sasaki Nozomi and her cute “Pati” voice. Pay a listen to it and you’ll understand. I was going to skip on this mini album, but the Hirano Aya infatuated fan-boy in me urged me to at least listen to it!

Well, while being bored, I translated {to the best of my ability} this fun and enjoyable song. With the idea of it being about a Cosplay Cafe already in my head, the rest was a bit easier to understand. But there where some weird words I’ve never seen or heard…I left those untranslated. I’m off to listen to the rest of Lucky Star’s Character songs!!! Who know, I might find another fun song like this one!! ^_^

UPDATE: October 26, 2007 – Removed my translations, I just left the romaji and the flash player. I decided not to show my crappy job of a translation anymore!! ^_^ Maybe when I become more proficient, I might re-translate them!

UPDATE: June 26, 2008 – I moved my translation over to “Deciphered Melody

Kosutte! Oh My Honey
[–Click Image for Kanji Lyrics–]


8 thoughts on “Lucky Star Image Song: “Kosutte! Oh My Honey” By: Hirano Aya & Sasaki Nozomi

  1. @deftoned: Just like “Motteke! Sera Fuku!”? I guess you just don’t like these kind of ‘cutesy’ type of songs. ;)

    Though, “Motteke! Sera! Fuku!” was kind of annoying at first, not being able to make out the words gave me a headache. But in the end it was O.K.

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  3. wat! there’s a translation here!? and t wasted my tym translating it using a translator. btw this song is great it has a good rythym and nice beat. dose any body know the release date of the lucky star ova? anyone? and do they plan on releasing a 14th image album?

    plss put the translation back up its hard translating it mannualy.

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