Editorial: Don’t bully my Yui!! (via Seanver Anime Blog)

Editorial: Don't bully my Yui!! One easy example of that attitude of the critics that I called "bullying" is their attitude towards Yui from K-ON. For reference, you should know the people/websites I'm talking about ;) I think that the kindest word the critics have used to describe Yui is "airhead" – and not in a particularly affective tone. I mean, this is so wrong. What do they expect? Why can't a show about friendship be as valid as a show about how power oppresses the indiv … Read More

via Seanver Anime Blog

I still wonder why people expect something out of K-ON. The first season set the mood of the anime and what it’s all about, yet a season later, I see people still hoping K-ON!! will give them some amazing music and/or content. Them not getting what they want makes them bash it. And the easy target is ADHD Yui.

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3 thoughts on “Editorial: Don’t bully my Yui!! (via Seanver Anime Blog)

  1. If they don´t want the series to be trashed. Or the second season in particular, then they shouldn´t have started it the way they did :p

    They threw the bar up pretty high that this time we would get more music.

    Then the bar was lowered fast as hell.

    Thus creating this situation.

    But after Endless 8 who knows what KyoAni will make the next time around :p

    K-on is good show for what it is worth, even the second season. But if you had the tiniest hope that they would make more music well…

    It´s both good and bad with a title and stuff that has to do with music, but ends up as a “let´s goof around and talk about anything else but music” show.

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