Working!! – I Know This is a Guy But…

Pixiv Source HHHHNNNNGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! Anime, confusing my sexuality since ’06. ”’orz As for the latest episode (09), I can’t help but think of the Inami X Takanashi shipping as cannon. We know Takanashi is a loli…er minicon and is only interested in Popula, but only Inami X Takanashi would work! Well, at least to me. This […]

Working!! – Freudian Slip

“I’m sorry I’m always raping him!” We now know what she really wants! So she admits to raping him…yet Souta is the one to get reprimanded/yelled at. WTF is this!? DOUBLE STANDARD! But I admit, I’ll allow her to raep me too! ;) Also THIS!! XD

[Filler] Working!! – Weapon Test

Last night I was playing around with Twitter and got my hero stats, my voice actor, my finishing move, and I also got myself a very AWESUM weapon: @53RG10’s Weapon: Name: Second Sword Type: Japanese Sword (Katana) Effect: Turn enemies into little girls LET’S TAKE THIS WEAPON FOR A TEST RUN! The victim? Takanashi!!! Why? […]