Kimochi Warui…

Minami-ke 08
That guy’s a freak. -_-

So we have an episode dedicated to the creepy, weird, and disgustingly odd person who hits on Haruka the most without even talking to her…Hosaka!! Let’s take a look at all the wierd fantasies/plans he comes up with today to creep us out and defile our lovely bishoujo Haruka-neesama:

Minami-ke 08
Fantasy 1: Walking under the same umbrella.

Minami-ke 08
Fantasy 2: Warming up a cold Haruka!

Minami-ke 08
She also smiles like that in my…I mean…nevermind!!! ^_^’

Minami-ke 08
Crap, Maki’s not here so he’s calling me…uguu~ >_<

Minami-ke 08
Orchestrating birds? I also have no comment… -_-

Minami-ke 08
Come, touch my hairless and rock hard manly chest!

Minami-ke 08
I…I’ll rather not!!
Dude in background: The f*ck ‘sup with him?

Minami-ke 08
Sometimes, I think he’s high on something!!

Minami-ke 08
Fantasy 3: Eating dinner with Haruka and her {child} sisters!!

Minami-ke 08
This guy’s on a whole new level of creep!

Minami-ke 08
So, Maki, what do you think of Hosaka?
Maki: Kimochi Warui…
My thoughts exactly!


4 thoughts on “Kimochi Warui…

  1. Truthrully, I don’t dislike him, I actually look forward to his crazy ideas and what crazy thing may come out of his mouth! ^_^’

    But just like Maki, I still think he’s a creepy weird senpai.

  2. If you don’t like Hosaka you have no heart, if you have the same thoughts as Maki you have no brain.

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