I Have Completed my First Touhou Game

The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Result Screen OMIGOD OMIGOD OMIGOD!!!!! I FINALLY DID IT! I FINALLY BEAT A TOUHOU GAME!! Compared to other people, my stats up there are piece of garbage, but DANGIT IT’S MY FIRST TOUHOU GAME COMPLETION RESULTS AND I’M GONNA COMMEMORATE IT!! Oh man, this game is hard. Seriously. Compared to […]

Summer 2010 Anime Preview

Source: Chartfag Alright, time to do this list again! What catches my interest this time around? Rather than commenting on ALL of the series that will air, I’ll just say what catches the least bit of my interest and keep it short. Let’s judge a book by it’s cover and start this thing!!!

B Gata H Kei – The Demon Wins

“Demon Electronics” Oh man, what a way to kill the mood! They were almost there! XD They went a lot further than I thought they would. Seriously, I didn’t think they’ll both be naked under the same covers and about to go at it. But didn’t they technically “did it”? He put it in the […]

B Gata H Kei – Reaching 2nd Base

Oh my, they have gone further than I expected (considering the previous episodes and Yamada’s unsuccessful streak). And man Kanejou here was hilarious! She seriously wanted to see it all live! XD And what’s this, they finally reach 2nd base and Yamada goes and decides to go back to first and take it easy. The […]