Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou 01

This first episode had a promising start. We have the typical Boy meets Girl and everything is going fine. Their ideals match each other so well that they made an oath to be friends and help each other out, with an underlying promise to kill the other should they stray from their ideal. And it was fine, I was enjoying the episode. That was until the later half.

That girl up there had a nice character going on. She’s righteous and friendly, well, she’s a bit prone to misunderstanding and I was okay with that. I liked her. But then the second half came around and I couldn’t stand her. So much for her righteous and friendly character. Once she learned that dude was going to be Demon Lord she went bat shit crazy and attacked him. She didn’t even question the divination and just treated it like everyone else did, they strayed from and feared him.

I thought she would be the one to stay by his side when everyone treated him like the plague. And I see this going on for the rest of the series…I dunno if I’ll be able to deal with it, but I’m willing to give it a few more eps.

The story and world seems interesting enough, but if I can’t stand the character I’ll stop.

One more thing, those things under the dude’s eyes are annoying.

6 thoughts on “Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou 01

  1. I like the main character and those things under his eyes I guess is somewhat like a mark of evil lol, making him look fiercer or something. I dont know what the hell it is, either some sort of birthmark or really some weird ass eyebags lol. Anyways, this show had some decent quality and perhaps a better plot than i expected.

  2. Rather she went angry with him because she thought he tricked her into becoming his loyal vassal instead of telling the truth.

    I liked her response :)

    Claiming to be a ally of Justice and so easily “being tricked” is not good.

    Since it is just a big missunderstanding I have nothing to say other than this.

    A show I´ll continue to watch. Unless it goes very very bad quick.

    The things under his eyes are a mark of something I think. At first I thought it was a scar from a battle, but now I´m curious to what it can be.

    • Yeah but the least she could do was listen to what he has to say first before arriving at her conclusion.


  3. yo…………….. its the first ep ……………..
    u can’t decide it’s good or not …………
    let’s wait till few eps release then u can say what u like …………..for me i think it has nice ring to the title……………the main character sai akuto ………..
    anyway can’t wait till new eps release lol………

  4. Took some time, but seeing her again in episode 2 and finally got it…
    Wolfram from Kyou Kara Maou.

    Score flags for becoming the demon king’s consort, fanatical with their principle, and I’m hoping more dere-dere and over protective scenes coming after.

    So far it’s fun with all the misunderstanding. Probably will quit once the story got too serious.

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