Angel Beats! – Otonashi, Not Remembering Isn’t So Bad

See Otonashi, I wanted to forget that frightful experience from this afternoon. And I did. It was erased from my consciousness and I was living a pretty awesum life. But your situation brought it all back. All of the horrors of mefloraine chasing me EVERYWHERE I went and finally cornering me in Twitter, giving me the final blow, resurrected the instance I saw your situation. I know we cannot die. But the pain…oh my god the pain, it’s so excruciating that we don’t want to experience it again. That pain comes back when you recall those memories.

You still do not know what really happened to you. But I ask you Otonashi, do you really want to remember? Why not live this new life and forget about what happened to you? Maybe you lost those memories because you don’t need them. Think about it bro, don’t feel what I felt as my memories came back to me. Have fun with that Haruhi look-a-like, she looks interesting to be around with. :)

Also, you have a cute angel to play with. You can be as rough as you can and she will be all right~ XD That’s a pretty awesum place you’re in Otonashi. Enjoy it as much as you can, you don’t have to recall your lost memories~

Your Pal, 53RG10

8 thoughts on “Angel Beats! – Otonashi, Not Remembering Isn’t So Bad

  1. Hey, this is so one-sided! There was a legitimate reason for my stabbing and killing of you! ;-;

    On the other hand, when I opened this and saw my avatar, I seriously LOL’d. XD

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