Winter ’10 Supah Review Part 1

Pixiv Sauce I haven’t done one of these in a long time! I’m not cut out for reviewing stuff, I suck at them so I take the easy way out and just say a few sentences and get it over with. That will be the disclaimer, these reviews are not SUPAH in any way. The […]

Spring 2010 Anime Preview

Source: Chartfag Oh yeah~ that time again! It’s time for me too take a peek at what’s coming out in Spring 2010 Anime Season!! This time though, I won’t really do what I did last time. I will not say something about every single anime featured in that list up there because unlike Winter 2010 […]

Kiddy GiRL-AND – Returning Memories

Oh yeah~ more Q-Feuille X Ascour kissing~ It took long enough to get Q-Feuille’s memories back. I’ve been annoyed at her ever since she was brainwashed and was getting very tired of her saying ‘onii-sama’. Good thing that’s over with. Q-Feuille’s memories weren’t the only ones to return, Ascouer also got her memories back…with a […]

Gintama – Blood Instincts

WOW! Kagura snapped and her Yato blood took over! That was a crazy fight, always awesome to see a small girl take down a guy over 3 times her own size, as an extra she was wearing sexy black leather heel boots! And look at that pose showing her dominance! So awesome~ P.S: I’m watching […]