Working!! – I Know This is a Guy But…

Pixiv Source HHHHNNNNGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! Anime, confusing my sexuality since ’06. ”’orz As for the latest episode (09), I can’t help but think of the Inami X Takanashi shipping as cannon. We know Takanashi is a loli…er minicon and is only interested in Popula, but only Inami X Takanashi would work! Well, at least to me. This […]

B Gata H Kei – The Face of Love MK.II

Just like Hikari of Special A, Yamada makes a rather interesting face once she realized her feelings! And unlike Hikari, she doesn’t ‘reset’ her character. She does go back to good ‘ol Yamada, but this time fully conscious of Kosuda and her feelings. Will Yamada finally get her first sex buddy and her first love […]

B Gata H Kei – Good ol Yamada

“ALL OF THAT WAS YOUR IMAGINATION!?” Oh yeah! After what seems since forever ago [two episodes] we’re back to sex crazed Yamada and her awesome delusion! But that is not all, this episode treated us with some story advancement. That’s right! Kosuda FINALLY confessed to Yamada…in a stupid lol retarded way, but it got done […]

I Lost my Second Aniblog Round

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF I was so close! Just 21 votes needed for the win! >_< This makes me sad, this means people didn’t vote for me because they hate my blog, so you know what this means: I AM CLOSING SHOP!** I will no longer watch anime and I will no longer be near people who watch […]