Winter ’10 Supah Review Part 2

Pixiv Sauce

Love her smile~<3

Here is the second and final part of my Supah Review for Winter anime I've watched and tried. And again, these reviews aren't super in anyway whatsoever!


Military K-ON!? I’m there!

lol This was nothing like a militarized K-ON!, but because of its similar animation style and character designs, we couldn’t help but liken it with K-ON! before it even aired. Once I got the K-ON outta me and started to see it for what it was, I started treating it as a totally different anime that it was.

Too bad I wasn’t as enthusiastic for this anime as many other people were. I did enjoy watching it, but I wasn’t really thrilled nor excited to see the next episode.

But you know, the ending was pretty good IMO, so let’s give it an extra point.

Sora no Woto gets THREE Kanatas holding it in outta FIVE.

Hidamari Sketch Hoshimittsu

Pixiv Sauce

It’s Hidamari, AUTOMATIC PASS~!

Hidamari Sketch uses the same formula since it’s first season. The girls go to school, talk about art, learn new things, Miyako makes some sort of reference/joke, they go back to Hidamari Apartments and eat, and boy do they eat. Then at the end of the episode Yuno takes a bath with her rubber ducky and reminisces about the day, ending the episode. That is basically what happens in every episode, but even so, I was never bored by it.

With the addition of the two new tenants, things repeat the same and I still find Hidamari Sketch a joy to watch.

Hidamari Sketch gets FOUR Artistic Eyes outta FIVE.

Hanamaru Kindergarten

I intend to give every anime a try, but just looking at it, I think I might drop and forget about it after a while.

I’m glad I gave this a try, it was one of my favorites this past season. It’s a cute anime about Kindergarten children being children. Of course, being just children will be boring so they’re given a bit of maturity to make it more interesting. And although it’s another slow paced anime with not much going on, it was a fun watch. People may stay away from it because of the implied lolicon…which there really isn’t, Tsuchida lieks his girls developed ;) [Yamamoto~<3]. If you feel guilty watching this, then that tells us something about you now doesn't it? XD

This was a fun anime to watch and I've enjoyed it's run.

Hanamaru Kindergarten gets FOUR KIRA KIRA KOUME outta FIVE.

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

Pixiv Sauce

Taking over a better class because you can’t pass a test? Dude just freakin’ study! And lol @ summoning beasts, I WTF’ed. But I hear [from my brother] the manga is funny so I’ll give it a try. I predict I won’t last long with this anime.

Again, I’m glad I try out stuff before brushing it off. Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu was a very enjoyable anime to watch. I was skeptical about the summon beasts but they turned out to be the main reason that mande Baka test so fun. Even when the jokes started to repeat themselves and I could see them coming, it still managed to make me laugh. Too bad there wasn’t as much as Summoned Beast Battles as I wanted, but the final few episodes more than made up for it. I felt they were a bit rushed, seriously like 3 classrooms in a single ep [I think]?, but liked it nonetheless.

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu gets FOUR cosplaying summoned beasts outta FIVE


Hahaha this anime looks dumb and stupid!! Yet, it’s the one I look forward to the most because it’s screams of pantsu fanservice~ OH YEAH!! But if it’s murdered by censors…pass. Or wait ’till DVD/BD version ;)

This was the surprise of the season. The thing that held my interest in the first place was the hook holding the promise of PANTIES. Chu-Bra! kept that promise. The real treat wasn’t the panties if I’m being honest. Once the plot got rolling the hook of the show shifted from panties to Nayu and her Club members. [Not really a club but whatever.] Nayu educates them and shows them that panties and bras are made to protect the growing female body. In turn she lears, from Kiyono they can also be used as a weapon of attraction, and that is the way most people look at [female] underwear.

Watching both sides opposing each other and seeing them struggle to keep their Panty Association become an official club was interesting to watch. Yes, the fanservice was there and somethings it went through the roof, but it complemented the story of the anime. It didn’t really felt tacked on IMO. In an anime about a girl and her love of panties will of course have fanservice, but at least it worked with it.

This is another anime people will brush off simply by the synopsis and first impression, but it was really a pleasant anime to watch. The ending was a bit ‘meh’ though…saw all of it coming. -_-

Chu-Bra! gets THREE Adult underwears outta FIVE.

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