Jigoku Shoujo

“Ippen…shinde miru?“ .:shudders:. Uuugh, creepy…and I like it!!! ^_^ The fact that Enma Ai looks like an adorably cute porcelain doll added to the creepiness… Jigoku Shoujo, how can I say this…I liked it, but it wasn’t very good. It was interesting seeing people taking revenge on someone else and sending them to hell, with […]

Special A – Stupid Random Girl!

Why did you have to spew out the word “loser”? Seeing as this was episode 22/24, I thought it was going to be the episode Hikari would finally realize her feelings, {with 23 having Kei leaving to Europe and 24 having his return…}, but dammit that’s not the case! >_< Well, it WAS the case, […]