Jigoku Shoujo

Ippen…shinde miru?

.:shudders:. Uuugh, creepy…and I like it!!! ^_^ The fact that Enma Ai looks like an adorably cute porcelain doll added to the creepiness…

Jigoku Shoujo, how can I say this…I liked it, but it wasn’t very good. It was interesting seeing people taking revenge on someone else and sending them to hell, with said person also going to hell once they die. But that’s all it was during the first few episodes. There wasn’t much story about Enma Ai nor why she was doing what she was doing. But I was hooked on the little one episode stories of revenge, which pissed me off because it showed the bad side of humans…which is a plus ^_^ , so I continued to watch it. Fortunately, at around episode 8 things started to move. Well, it looked like they were starting to move…

In the name of Hell, I will punish you!

I was introduced to two more characters, which I thought would also be a one time deal, but they ended up appearing almost every episode after their debut, also they’re central to the story. Those two are Hajime, a freelance reporter, and his Mizuki Nana voiced daughter Tsugumi, who has some psychic connection with Ai. I thought they would shed some light on Enma Ai, but they didn’t know anything. But since Tsugumi could see important things concerning Enma Ai, I was interested in seeing how or why that was…but the anime went back to one episode stories of revenge, with Hajime attempting, and failing, to stop the person from pulling the string.

It went back to how it started, but it watered down on the thing that hooked me in the first place…that is, showing the worst in humans. There were some like those, but most reasons for revenge were stupid, like that friends thing, that nurse thing, or that girl who doesn’t wanna go to school. Those were just dumb…what happened to the cases of people who don’t care about other’s life? Or mentally disturbed stalkers?

By the way, that was one of the better episodes. Which one was it? Episode two? Not only was Ryouko such a hottie, but I was at the edge of my seat from excitement and anticipation at what was going to happen next! ^_^

Picture unrelated but, Google supports Hell

Anyways, the anime redeemed itself by adding some episode every so often about the origins of Jigoku Shoujo. And finally showing Ai’s story during the final few episodes. I got what wanted, plus an extra added bonus. Enma Ai…or should I say Noto Mamiko, gave me the chills when she was pissed and full of rage! I mean, this whole time she’s been all indifferent and didn’t show much emotions. But when she got her memories back and went on a vengeful spree against Hajime, I was left with my mouth wide open…and left hanging at the cliff hanger ending {of the episode}. What I impressed by was how she said “I don’t mind…it’s okay if this grudge ferries me to hell!!” in that sad yet rage-filled voice. Awesome job by Noto Mamiko!

Well, that was great and all, definitely a plus for the overall rating of the anime. But then came the ending, which left me a bid confused. Not in a bad mind f*cked Gainax Ending kinda way, but in a more ‘wha?’ kinda way. I swear, I thought she turned a new leaf and would be “good”…but all of a sudden she turns around and burns the temple her cousin built and going back to that world she’s always in…ending the anime. Yeah, that was it, ending with such an open ending. Fortunately though, I know there’s a second season, with a 3rd coming this fall, so some questions I have can still be answered!

Jigoku Shoujo was good. But those one shot stories kinda dragged the anime because some where less than spectacular and some felt like they were just tacked in to fill up the episode list…pushing the meat of the real story up till the end. But I guess those one shots stories were the appeal of Jigoku Shoujo and were needed for the Hajime and Tsugumi part of the story. Hopefully, the second season will focus more on Enma Ai, and her minions, rather than on the people who deserve to go to hell…but seeing as it’s also 26 episodes, I guess those one-shots will still be there…

Don’t matter, I want me some more Enma Ai goodnees! ^_^

9 thoughts on “Jigoku Shoujo

  1. The problem with the first season was it lacked an overall storyline, yet at the same time the individual episodes were so reptitious as to be boring – they didn’t even do all that much with dramatic punishments after the first few. Only after Tsugumi and Hajime showed up did we get any ‘plot’… although at the end, Tsugumi chose to forgive her father and show Enma Ai that revenge wasn’t the only route. So instead of killing everyone, she just burnt the temple that was built to ‘appease’ her spirit down and then moved on.

    Now, the SECOND season deals more with her being buried alive by Sentaro’s friends, and how she deals with it. But yes, she’s cute and creepy… although the show didn’t have enough ‘horror’ to really give it all that much bite, outside of the ep where two best friends tried to wish each other into Hell.

  2. The second season was better than the first in many ways, I think. There was more developement for Enma’s assistants, and the individual stories were much less predictable, plus the last few episodes were a great ending arc. Check out season 2 if you can; you may be left feeling a bit more satisfied.

  3. I haven’t completed season I but I’ve completed the Live Action instead. I think that the Live Action is exciting but my friends have been trying to psycho me into watching the anime because they feel that its better. Also, with the upcoming new season, there’s even more reason to catch the anime version for me. Sadly, time! I need more time!

  4. @Hynavian: I watched it because of the upcoming season of Jigoku Shoujo and the fact that I’ve seen her mentioned here and there.

    @7: For the first few episodes, that repetitive pattern was actually pretty nicely done and entertaining, it wasn’t until the later episodes that they got more predictable and less interesting.

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