Special A

Special A started out pretty good, well most anime do…and seemed like it would have a nice streak of funny and entertaining episodes. But after the first few episodes the Hikari X Kei ordeal was getting pretty bland and boring. The same ‘ol Hikari hardheadedness was getting tiresome. I think lots of poeople dropped it […]

Special A – Stupid Random Girl!

Why did you have to spew out the word “loser”? Seeing as this was episode 22/24, I thought it was going to be the episode Hikari would finally realize her feelings, {with 23 having Kei leaving to Europe and 24 having his return…}, but dammit that’s not the case! >_< Well, it WAS the case, […]

Special A – It just keeps getting better

Lone gone are those Hikari X Kei episodes where Hikari is her block-headed self and doesn’t realize why Kei does what he does. And in replacement, are these great episodes finally touching on the other characters. First it was Yahiro and his bastardness, then the introduction of Sakura and Jun’s other self, and then Akira […]