Special A – Stupid Random Girl!

Why did you have to spew out the word “loser”?

Seeing as this was episode 22/24, I thought it was going to be the episode Hikari would finally realize her feelings, {with 23 having Kei leaving to Europe and 24 having his return…}, but dammit that’s not the case! >_< Well, it WAS the case, but they hit the reset button…

Hikari did realize she like Kei and was about to tell him, but that random girls said “loser” making Hikari’s competitive spirit flare up, forgetting what she just realized…”’orz

3 thoughts on “Special A – Stupid Random Girl!

  1. Ah, the awful memories. I’d already read the manga, knew what was supposed to happen, and still thought that Hikari would be able to confess properly since there wasn’t much time left.

    But alas. I’ll just direct my hate at the random girl we’ll never see again. Both of them…and Tadashi for interrupting Hikari in the first place.

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