Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori

The Second Season of Jigoku Shoujo was better than the first one…but only by a tiny bit. The stories of the first season were better than these ones in my opinion. But the fact that we get to see more of Enma’s minions and their stories, made watching the smaller arcs a bit more bearable. […]

Moetan – Yay for the Recap episode!

Wow, I’m actuall glad I saw a Recap episode! ^_^ I decided to pick this anime for the grave because…well, one can’t have enough loli!! ^_^’ But really, I dropped it and stopped watching it because it’s been in the barren wasteland of sub-less anime for a long time…but now that it’s finished, it’s time […]

BLEACH – /me got a hard on

OH YOUR GOD!!! NEL HAS BEEN RELEASED!!! Hehe, been waiting for this since episode 146, but I had to wait longer than expected because of yet another dumb@ss filler arc. I didn’t watch that arc, but I took glimpses while my brother was watching and grasped what it was about…and even with that limited knowledge, […]