Shugo Chara! – Catching Up

So yeah, it’s been about a month since I’ve watched a Shugo Chara! episode. And I don’t really know why I stopped watching it weekly…stuff just happens and my memory dies…but any who, I just caught up to the last subbed episode, 46. Following this is just useless one liners I have to say about each episode leading up to 46.

Episode 42 – Amulet Devil

Whoa! What Chara CAN’T she change with? Also, I gotta say this is one of the best chara nari {costume wise} that Amu as done! ^_^

Episode 43 – Chara Nari with Dia was a bit disappointing.

I mean, look at Utau, Looks bad ass, but Amu, meh… >_> Also, I’m glad Utau is back to being the Utau she was back in her loli time! ^_^

Episode 44 – Oh Snap!! Kairi jumps up the cool-ness meter!!

And right in from of Tadase too! And well, Tadase didn’t show much reaction ‘casue, well, Amu wasn’t in Amulet Heart Mode! >_> Stupid King…

That confession totally made this sorta-kinda re-cap episode worth the watch!

Episode 45 – Amu’s 1337 Karaoke Skills

Filler about that little kid that admires Amu…what was his name? Shinichiro? I forget… >_> Any who, he managed to hook this little cutie! ^_^

Maybe I should act all nerdy and defenseless and maybe all the girls will flock over to me…Ah! I forgot, I need girls for that plan to work… ”’orz

Episode 46 – The Kings Queens of Comedy

Another Filler, but this time about Rima and some Osakan chick wanting to be the gag queen. Pretty weak episode really…>_> Nothing really jumped at me here…except for that creepy and funny dance Rima did at the end! I WTF’d with laughter?

And that pretty much it. I had these episode on my computer for a while before I watched them. Again, I don’t know why I didn’t jump at them earlier…but whatever, a day where I don’t have ANYTHING to do is more than enough to catch up.

One thought on “Shugo Chara! – Catching Up

  1. I’m glad you also think that the Dia transformation was disappointing… I was expecting something that would just look so much cooler, but it turned out lame :(

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