Putting it in is Expensive!

I just have to share this!!


Silly Najimi!! ^_^ Don’t you know hentai characters don’t get pregnant! ^_^

6 thoughts on “Putting it in is Expensive!

  1. @deftoned: The names you just mentioned flew over my head… >_>

    @xephyre: Najimi is more concern for money than morals. Hell, she’ll do a pr0n doujinshi if it means it’ll sell easier!! ^_^

    @Bluemist: Yeah, I thought the anime was funny, but this (and other strips) blows it out of the water!

    @TheBigN: CONGRATULATIONS!! You have posted Open Your Mind’s 1000th comment! *pachi* *pachi* *pachi* ^_^

    And yeah, Hiroyuki’s sense of humor got toned down in the anime, something I recently realized as I was reading this.


    I liked that final panel and Najimi’s sitting “orz pose! ^_^

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