Amamiya Shiina no Himitsu

is that she can’t swim! ^_^ And so, pantsu flashing Shiina officially enters the cast!


Ah~ I’m glad Shiina turned out to be just as I expected! She’s the outgoing and friendly single fanged girl that can do anything…that is, except swim! ^_^’ And with that personality, she quickly gained popularity and settled down to her new environment pretty well.

Pretty good episode {properly} introducing Shiina and getting her acquainted with the colorful characters that are Haruka’s maids, Yuuto’s Sister, that crazy sex crazed teacher, and of course, fanserviced Mika!!

Mika sure knows how to play her cards right!

Also, I thought Haruka was one to honor secrets…yet, she told everyone about what Shiina was doing… >_> Hmmm….well, it turned out ok so let’s dismiss it!! ^_^ And let’s end this with Shiina pantsu!

I prefer the striped one! ^_^

6 thoughts on “Amamiya Shiina no Himitsu

  1. This episode is much more enjoyable than the previous episode (where they were tailing Haruka’s maid). I especially like the pool scenes where the family from both sides create a ruckus to embarrass the both leads. (:

  2. Ugh, out of all the episodes so far, this one was by far the most predictable and unoriginal. Shiina really brings nothing to the table other than being an obstacle to Yuto and Haruka getting together. Granted the series needed some sort of “rival,” but they could have put together something more original. :/

  3. @Hynavian: I agree!! Though my reason for enjoyment was more on the Shiina side! ^_^’

    @Shin: d(^_^)

    @xephfyre: “Pilferable” LOL! I had to look up that word to understand what you were saying! ^_^’ And yes, they’re pilferable!

    @deftoned: It’s hard for me to admit, but yes, Shiina is generic and brings nothing to the table…other than the “rivalry”…>_> But I still like her a lot more than I do Haruka.

    Assertive/Confident > Quiet/Shy

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