Mission-E – How the hell did it become this awesome?


Wow, just wow! Seriously…I’m surprised and shocked. If you’ve seen the first season, which is Code-E, you’ll understand why I’m shocked. But if you haven’t, well, it’s because Code-E was more mellow and laid back and followed the days of Chinami and her strange powers. It was alright.

But Mission-E, is anything but mellow! It seems as if the anime jumped the genre spectrum from the romantic sci-fi to action sci-fi!! I didn’t expect it to catch my attention this fast!

Also, it takes 5 years after Code-E. And althought they’ve been studying the Type-E power, they still don’t know much from it. But hell, they were able to make this bad ass skin tight suits that allows the user to use their Type-E powers to do some pretty awesome stuff! Especially from Maori’s side:


The Type-E power may seem awesome to us, but to the people who have it, it’s more like a disability. Most people with that ability have problems communicating, not only through cell phones, e-mails, and such from the technologically heavy future, but also from normal conversations. I remember Chinami also being like this because she couldn’t get near many people in fear that her powers will short circuit their hardware. Well, this time around, it seems she has a better handle with her powers and is working with an organization to help those with the Type-E ability.

Also, this time around, the character having trouble ‘communicating’ is that chick with the bad ass moves, Kamizuka Maori. We’ll see how she breaks that communication barrier.

I wasn’t expecting to get this captivated by Mission-E, but for now, it will be another anime to look forward to. I just hope those two episodes aren’t the only ones to have such entertainment.

5 thoughts on “Mission-E – How the hell did it become this awesome?

  1. I also caught episode 1 of Mission-E and it has pretty interesting concepts. Need to stay tune for the next few episodes before I decide whether to follow or to drop it. (:

  2. I never watched Code-E but this filled me in on whats going on so I was able to enjoy it without having to worried about story from the first and the fighting is pretty good too.

  3. Code-E always confused me because the awesome OP made me ready for action and excitement…which never really came around. Except for now :3

    Too bad this show is starting to drop kinda bad in animation quality :/

  4. Actually I really enjoyed the Code E series especially becuase of the fact that it brings the physics behind electric eels into the whole magnetick (or magic tech) and paranormal to suggest that maybe the paranormal powers are based on the heart not the mind

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