53RG10’s Top 10 Anime Song {Summer ’08}

I felt like doing another Top 10 Anime song list because both my Top 10 Anime Song {OP Version} and {ED Version} are too static. They probably won’t change even if I listen to new songs. So, I decided I would pick my top 10 Anime Songs of the past season, be it OP or […]

Special A

Special A started out pretty good, well most anime do…and seemed like it would have a nice streak of funny and entertaining episodes. But after the first few episodes the Hikari X Kei ordeal was getting pretty bland and boring. The same ‘ol Hikari hardheadedness was getting tiresome. I think lots of poeople dropped it […]

Strike Witches

Strike Witches was nothing but a guilty pleasure for me. GONZO was baiting me with pantless mahou shoujo animal eared lolis with big guns…I of course, couldn’t resist the bait and got hooked early on…granted though…I only watched for the pantsu and plot was wasn’t really in my mind. But then the story got all […]

Gintama – The Best Fight EVAR!

“Whoever gets their but wiped first by God will be the winner!” Maturity level decreased! ^_^ Ah gawd! That’s why I like Gintama, it makes me laugh at the stupidest and most immature things! For a long running series, which I usually drop, I can’t see myself dropping Gintama no matter how stupid it gets. […]