Shugo Chara! – Ice CreAmu

Shugo Chara! Episode 33

Is this what people have been raving and waiting for? ^_^ I can see why!!

Things definitely have been moving with Shugo Chara, with some funny and satisfying fillers in between. And with the new Queen and Jack {who is falling for Amu-chan [who can blame him? ^_^ ]}, things seems like things will just get better.

The disappearance of the Amu X Ikuto X Utau love triangle just got replaced by Amu X Ikuto X Tadase X Kairi love tria…er…square! ^_^ But I don’t think Tadase has a chance at all, he likes Amulet Heart…and Amu just happens to be her…while Ikuto and Kairi like the ‘outer’ Amu.

Also, I get major LULZ out of Eru and her Chara-nari with Amu!!!

Shugo Chara! Episode 33
Angel Wink! -_^

Shugo Chara! Episode 33

Shugo Chara! Episode 33

Shugo Chara! Episode 33
AMU: “Wait Eru, what type of technique was that?
ERU: “Hmm, I wonder…

Ah~ Eru~♥!! Why are you so damn cute~! ^_^

23 thoughts on “Shugo Chara! – Ice CreAmu

  1. Ah!! This episode was really the best one so far. I’m assuming you now know the meaning of “Ice CreAmu” with Ikuto’s…heh…certain comments.

    And Angel Wink wasn’t in the manga but it was an awesome addition. Eru is just great, my favorite Shugo Chara. This episode was my favorite one so far. Or at least the last half was, Tadase was really annoying in the scenes with just him and Amu though. Honestly, telling a girl who likes him he likes her would-be self…how clueless can someone be?

    But ignoring Tadase, this episode was awesome~!

  2. Christ, I’m having all sorts of thoughts from the first screenshot alone. That said, I really need to catch up on my Shugo Chara, as I’m like 10 episodes behind DX

  3. Oh man! What episode is this?? I can’t wait- I’m only on ep. 5 but loving the series so far ^_^. At first I didn’t watch it cause it looked too cutesy, but then I saw some screenshots that were too cute to resist anymore but I’m enjoying it so far (yet another guilty pleasure…)!

    • don’t worry the episode go really qikly aspeshly if you watch them all on the same day

      i hate to got to bed gust before the icrscene can’t wait to watch it tonight

  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this episode. I thaink that it was really funny, But i feel bad for Amu becuase Tadase likes Amulate Heart, Also becuase 3 guys like her and she likes all 3 (I tahink)

  5. omg i love this episode! i agree…Tadase would never have a chance wit amu because he likes the amulet heart. i support Amu X Ikuto. LOL.

  6. She really needs to e with Ikuto. But if you notice in this picture her hair barrette is different, there is talk that she’s getting a new guardian and I’m wondering if the guardian changed her personality a bit.

    • i thing she gets a cat one because seen a clipe were she tranforems into a cat girl like ikout but shes weairing a dress like thing

  7. YESH

    AmuxIkuto ish awesome < 3

    Tadase only likes Amulet Heart cuz she looks cute/pretty/whatev. ._. And he doesn't really like Amu /herself/. I know Amulet Heart is sorta Amu, but then why the heck did he say Amulet Heart then?

    And I hopes this whole thing turns out okay. |D -crosses fingers- I really hope she goes with Ikuto instead of Tadase.

    And I hope Shugo Chara doesn't turn out like Tokyo Mew Mew. The ending for that was really disappointing. :c MASAYA SUCKS, SRSLY

  8. One of my fav episodes, no doubt. ;P I love the all the charanari parts, principally when it’s with Eru, she’s so cute, crazy and funny! :DDD And also, she’s a clumsy angel, And I really LOVE angels lolololol ~~

    And Ikuto OMG, Ikuto is soooo smexy, I simply ADORE when he comes with “I’m interested in you” Oh, Ikuto… *nosebleed* ~~

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