More ARIA is always good, especially if it’s a filler special from the DVD that never aired!! ^_^ Though there wasn’t any Aika nor Alice goodness, usual Akari was more than enough. Well, at least for me since I ♥ Akari!! ^_^ Also, I enjoyed that little moment she had with Akatsuki at her secret […]

Happy Birthday Open Your Mind!!!

Yay~! It has been officially one year since I’ve started this blog! And like many blogs out there, it stumbled around many times while learning to walk, but it manage to get up and walked around and met other blogs out there! {Check the Blogroll} And today we celebrate it’s first birthday! Wai~! \(^_^)/ Come […]

Another Ichigo Mashimaro OVA

Well, since I was over at Moetron reading about ef ~a tale of melodies~ and “borrowed” the news from him…I might as well announce this as well!! ^_^ Like the title says, there will be another OVA of Ichigo Mashimaro…and another reason to call us pedophiles! Hey I don’t care, I love Ichigo Mashimaro! And […]

53RG10’s Garbage Dump

Ha~…well, I’ve had this blog for about a year now {first birthday will be on June 29!!}. And honestly this isn’t the blog I first registered. I first registered “sziur18”, but since I wanted my user name to be on the address instead, I registered another one with “53RG10” and left the other one alone, […]

Mx0 – Premature End

WHAT!?! WAS THAT ALL!? What about the rest of the story? Ugh…damn…and I REALLY liked Mx0… -_- I don’t read much manga {or manga chapters} nor follow their initial releases {I prefer reading them in bulks}…so I missed the news about Mx0 ending prematurely. If I had read that, I probably might have prepared myself […]