Best Asuka Langley Image EVAR!!


Browsing through Danbooru for an Asuka Langley image for my upcoming “Tsundere no Koto” post, I came upon this beautiful gem and unintentionally creamed my pants!! ^_^ Is it weird I creamed my pants to this and not the other, more graphic, images? ^_^’ But man, this is seriously one awesome image, if only there was a Hi-Res of it so I could make a poster out of it and hang it on a wall and cream my pants everyday!! ^_^

9 thoughts on “Best Asuka Langley Image EVAR!!

  1. @Anon: Actually, I already have!! ^_^ I just didn’t blog about it… -_-‘ I never would’ve thought an eroge doujin would make me cry! ^_^’

  2. I’ve never really watched Evangelion, but damn, Asuka’s one fine Tsundere :Q~

    Of course, I found out about her personality through doujins and the like….

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