Things That Might Make Me Write More Often


This is nothing more than an introduction for two new categories I came up which will hopefully make me write more ofter. One of the first categories is “My Gripe With Anime”, the title alone should tell you what will go in there. ^_^ But for those who may not know what gripe means, you can replace “gripe” with one of these:


  • Annoyance
  • Complaint
  • Irritation
  • Dissatisfaction

One can easily say what he/she likes about the thing they like, but I thought it would be more interesting {at least for me} to say what it is that I don’t like or what annoys me about the thing I like…in this case, anime. Anime certainly has it’s good points, mainly being story, themes, and character developments, but it also has many things that I dislike and is used quite frequently.

I have brainstormed for a while and I’ve come up with quite a few topics, but as I continue to watch more and more anime, I know there will be more things that will pop up and earn them a spot in “My Gripe With Anime”.

The other category I added is named “No Koto”. No Koto is an expression in Japanese that gives what came before it an “aboutness” attribute. For example, my post “Loli to Traps no Koto” can translate as “About Loli and Traps”, or, “On Loli and Traps”.

No Koto just says I have something to say about the thing preceding it. I haven’t brainstormed on this one just yet, but I’m sure things will come up randomly. You just might see a “Tsundere no Koto” post!! ^_^

6 thoughts on “Things That Might Make Me Write More Often

  1. I’m facing writer’s block recently but I’ll be willing to do a write up on Claymore anytime. When it comes to Claymore, I’m never out of topics. :D

  2. @Hynavian: Plus, you can get by with only your comics!! ^_^

    @The Sojourner: It may be difficult to go up the slope, but it’s a lot helluva fun to ride it down!

    @Shin: Hehehe! ^_^ I meant it as a joke at first, but after publishing the post, I added it to the list!!

  3. You know looking at the title it brought something up in my mind, though its fairly random its still on the topic of anime. I am absolutely annoyed by anyone who says “Anime sucks”. They will randomly come into a topic in an anime forum on a large site an say this, it will have nothing to do with anything in the thread. They give no explanation, and when it aggrivates people, and they go “Your crazy, why do you think anime sucks?”, the reply is “It just does, it’s stupid.” all I have to say to those kinda people is anime is not stupid, YOU ARE!!! man that always makes me mad, i suppose i at certain times may say something “sucks” but i’m not entirely a hypocrite because i will at least give some small amount of an explanation
    sorry about typing so much, so horribly, and about something so random

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