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As if I don’t have enough hobbies to waste time on, I picked up the guitar again. I haven’t played, or touched, a guitar since my junior year in High School, which was three years ago…which also means I completely forgot how to play it… -_- My younger brother {by two years} decided to get an electric guitar out of the blue. I don’t know what caused it, I guess it’s one of those random spontaneous things one does.

I always loved the guitar, be it acoustic or electric, it didn’t matter to me. But I wasn’t as big of a guitar guy as other people. I, for the life of me, cannot tell you what type/model/make a guitar is just by looking at it…hell, I don’t even know what model/make the guitar my brother bought is! {The is there, but I already forgot it…} -_-‘ But that kind of thing isn’t required for one to like playing the guitar…right? I can tell you that it’s black and used though!!! ^_^

Yesterday, I picked up the guitar an tried to play something…and failed miserably! It’s been so long since I held a guitar, so my fingering was completely off and when I stuck a chord, there was some extra sounds that weren’t supposed to be there! Luckily though, I found my old High School guitar books that I was supposed to return at the end of my junior year! Hehehe… ^_^’

It didn’t take long to get my ‘mojo’ back, just one read of the first lesson and it was all coming back to me, I already shot up three lessons! I’m still far from the level I was during high school though…but just touching and feeling the guitar on my hands made my interest level completely sky rocket! That and my brother asking me for help, nothing gets you going like teaching someone the few things you know. It makes you want to learn more in case they ask you more questions!! ^_^

I’ll try to give myself a bit of time everyday and play the guitar. An hour is enough right? Well, I’ll leave you with another Suzumiya Character with a {bass} guitar, a character I really like {character design wise}:

9 thoughts on “New Hobby

  1. I’m also quite fond of guitars, but I never learned how to play them. I love listening to them, however. There’s a better Yuki pic on the internet; I just got it: she holds a guitar in one hand and a tissuebox in another.

  2. @Michael: Actually, I have that pic too, but I decided to keep that one up there because on the other one she’s holding a Bass Guitar {like Ryouko is}! ^_^

    I’m fine with Ryouko holding the Bass guitar, but I wanted Yuki to have the 6 string electric guitar because it was awesome how she rocked to it during the 12th episode of Suzumiya Haruhi!!

  3. I, for the life of me, cannot tell you what type/model/make a guitar is just by looking at it…hell, I don’t even know what model/make the guitar my brother bought is!

    Check the headstock for the make and model. Most will have both on there, but nearly all of them will have the company who made it. For instance, I own a Fender Stratocaster and a Fender Mustang. I’ll assume they are beginner-level guitars or lower-end models, so they should at least have the maker on it. If you get me a pic (or even a pic of something similar) I can definitely tell you more. I started playing back in 1995, and although I barely play anymore, I’m still moderately up-to-date with the techie stuff. :D

  4. I play guitars too..
    Been playing it for 2 years..
    It is fun to play especially if you play in a band..
    Let’s just say that I LOVE guitars and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE music..

  5. Hey! A fellow guitar fan here! I play both acoustic and electric, though I prefer the electric coz you can do a wider range of crazy stuffs with it when you have an effects processor. I always get a bit of a weird look by my female friends and acquaintances whenever they ask me if I play any instruments and I tell them that I play (mostly) the (electric) guitar coz well, me being a girl usually don’t play the guitar, let alone an electric one. Guess they’re still stuck in the conventional mental image that guitars are meant for guys while girls are more suited for delicate, classical instruments like the piano or violin. I’m glad in this age, that barrier is broken and all of us are free to play whatever instruments we like. :)

    At the moment, I’m still playing songs by ear but am slowly teaching myself to read music notes too so that I could translate songs from other sources, such as piano sheets, into guitar tabs. I’m not experienced enough to play any song well just by audio dictation alone, though that’s what excellent players are capable of. Guess I need more reading and listening practice in distinguishing the notes. :)

  6. @Dancing Queen: When I’m able to pull off something like that, I’LL LET EVERYONE KNOW!!! ^_^

    By the way, that’s the exact way I’m playing the guitar…classical style! ^_^ Ain’t it weird doing that on an Electric Guitar? O_o

    @deftoned: It’s a Black Jackson SL1 Soloist {without those things on the fretboard}…I looked it up! ^_^’

    @Keiri: Guitar + Girl = WIN! ;)

    Also, I find it harder to play with the tabs than with the music sheet! ^_^

  7. @Michael: I’m looking for Yuki Nagato wallpapers and that pic you mentioned sounds pretty cool… Have a link to it?

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