Shigofumi [Final Thoughts]

Alright, time to catch up and finish all this back log I had for a while. I dedicate this week alone to finish any unpublished blog post. The first one for today is about…well, it’s self explanatory from the title alone!! ^_^

Yay for recycled images! ^_^

For the sake of sounding redundant, I picked up this anime because I was thinking “Here’s another shinigami loli with white hair going to the world of the living to make people happy, so I’ll give it a try.” I don’t usually decide to watch an anime based on similarities from other anime I’ve seen before…and it seems I’m doing it more often now, but because I liked “Shinigami no Ballad”, I gave it a try. Going into it, I readied myself for the touching story of an outer world entity giving the living some happiness by giving them letter with contents the dead person was unable to say while alive. But to my surprise…and pretty much everyone else…Shigofumi had other plans…

That’s not happy! >_<

And that was from the first episode alone. Quite a way to capture the audience! If only the rest of the stories were as dramatic as the first one, Shigofumi might have been a lot more popular. After that first dramatic and awesome mini-arc, Shigofumi slowly turned a bit less dramatic. Nothing in the mini-arcs will impact you as hard as the last few minutes of the first episode.

Although, the anime was separated into mini-arcs, there was some story behind Shigofumi. It wasn’t until the later half of the anime that it took form though. Through the mini-arcs, there were some small bits of hints of Fumika’s story and what she really is, why she’s a shigofumi carrier, and why she’s different from all the other Shigofumi carriers.

Along the way, Fumika begins to show other personality traits that she has been hiding since the first episode. And if there’s one thing that I like about characters, it’s the way they change through the series. It’s cute when the calm serious monotonic white haired loli gets all agitated and scared when a cat is near!! ^_^ But nothing makes her loose her cool than meeting with Kirameki…her father.

It’s then when Fumika’s {both of them} story takes flight…and things take a turn for the better! Only to have an anti-climatic, but happy, ending. They set the stage for a face off between both Fumika’s and makes it so that it seem only one will come out alive…but their choice of weapon was…tears…

Like I said, a bit anti-climatic. But it’s good they both realized they both could exist together…

2 thoughts on “Shigofumi [Final Thoughts]

  1. I agree that the ending wasn’t that good. It didn’t hold up with the rest of the series and didn’t create the atmosphere that almost all the other episodes had. At least it made us feel good.

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