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Well, this got me by surprise. I had forgotten that another OVA of ToHeart 2 was going to be made! ^_^ I really gotta get used to writing stuff down on a calendar widget or something… -_-

Anyway, this OVA episode is a really good one…at least for me. That’s because I got to see a little daring side from Komaki-chan {pictured above}! I just love it when the shy character comes out of their shell and taking small steps towards showing their true feelings.

In this episode, Takaaki got amnesia after receiving Tama-nee’s signature move…yeah “that” move she always does on Yuuji! ^_^ Most of the girls took this as an opportunity and decide to shove some fake memories unto Takaaki, for their own benefits nonetheless! And our cute iinchou makes a daring move and tells him he and her are lovers!!

The plan ultimately fails, and last for at least two minutes, but that alone made the episode worth-while for me. I would’ve expected her to tell the truth, but for the sake of love, she ‘cheats’ a little bit and tells an innocent white lie! It just goes to show that the shy quiet ones are the ones to come up with the most mischievous schemes…this also applies to the student council president {Kusugawa-san?} who told Takaaki that he always eats with her. She wanted to feed him pudding…but wasn’t able to bring herself to do it. But the fact that she thought something like that confirms what I was saying about the quiet shy ones!! ^_^’

But all of that scheming and planning was just the comedic part of the episode. This episode was more of a display of what Tamaki feels for Takaaki…and her keeping it a secret from him and the rest of the girls, who obviously already picked up on this! ^_^ Why can’t the guys pick up these ‘signs’? ‘Cause we’re stupid that’s why!! >_<

3 thoughts on “ToHeart 2 ad

  1. To Heart 2 really should lose the “To Heart” part of its name. Compared to To Heart and Remember My Memories, To Heart 2 shares pretty much nothing with those series other than the school, the uniform, and the robo bishoujo. I actually liked this episode a lot. Kinda quirky and fun. :D

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