Komaki Manaka tries the (ノゝ∀・)~キラ☆

After reading Shin’s (ノゝ∀・)~キラ☆ Post…I have patiently waited for a Komaki Manaka one…bit since Area 11 didn’t step up, I had to take matters into my own hands! So after two days of procrastinating and hard lazy work…I bring to you, Komaki Manaka’s (ノゝ∀・)~キラ☆ Kyaaa~! So cute~♥!! ^_^ I can’t count the times I almost […]

ToHeart 2 ad

Well, this got me by surprise. I had forgotten that another OVA of ToHeart 2 was going to be made! ^_^ I really gotta get used to writing stuff down on a calendar widget or something… -_- Anyway, this OVA episode is a really good one…at least for me. That’s because I got to see […]