Kotomi’s Arc Ends

And it was a nice sweet ending compared to Fuuko’s bitter-sweet ending, and frankly, a bit less emotional. I don’t mean it wasn’t emotional at all, it was quite the tear puller, but not in a sad bitter-sweet sense, more like in a miracle happy sense. How else can you describe having a briefcase {that has Kotomi’s parent’s last wishes} tour half way around the world and having it end up with it’s rightful heir? And it did answers questions concerning the fire, Tomoya, and the “warui mono” guy. So it was all good!

It seems we won’t get the Ryou/Kyou arc we all were expecting to come since it looks like it will be centered around Tomoya and his “basketball injury”. Also, I’m hearing some rumors that it’s a Sunohara and Nagisa arc! O_o That’s a surprise!! I always thought of Sunohara as comic relief, so thinking he’ll bring something valuable to CLANNAD is a bit weird. But we’ll see, he did have a nice moment while trying to remember Fuuko.

One thought on “Kotomi’s Arc Ends

  1. I thought that hot potato deal with the suitcase was too long. If it was supposed to make it more touching, it didn’t work on me. Kotomi’s “okaerinasai” was plenty I though.

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