Happy New Years!!

I want to wish anyone reading my blog a Happy New Year!! ^_^ And to give thanks to anyone who reads my blog daily {is there such a person?} even though it’s an amateurish blog!! ^_^ I hope you have a great new year!

The End of Fall 2007 -Part 1-

So the Fall Anime season ended a while ago {I don’t really know ‘when’ since I haven’t been keeping track -_-} and that means that the 12-14 episode anime are ending their life-spans, along with the 24-26 episode anime from last season. I find it easier to make a batch posts like this rather than […]

And Sana’s Secret is…

Black Blood lessens the impact of a serious scene… -_- exactly as what I predicted!! I’ll hold on few of my thoughts until I watch the subs. But I will say that Nanaka’s past is a lot more interesting and dramatic than Sana’s, who cut himself because he was being bullied at school…Why couldn’t they […]