At first, I was thinking, “Here’s another shinigami loli with white hair going to the world of the living to make people happy, so I’ll give it a try.” And during the first 15 or so minutes, it was just near or in the ballpark of what I predicted, but it had a little twist towards the end. Something that makes you go “WTF!!” “EH!?” and “HOLY F***KING CRAP WHAT JUST HAPPENED!?” Those are reactions that only one type of character gives you, and it’s a trait you don’t want on your girlfriend to have!!! That is the infamous:




And here I was thinking it was going to be some happy feel good anime like Shinigami no Ballad…I totally didn’t expect this!! I thought the shigofumi {letter from the dead} was going to bring happiness to them, it just ended up bringing tragedy! And I gotta say, it’s a very nice twist to the anime. I’ll definitely keep on watching this! Also, like Shinigami no Ballad, it seems Shigofumi will have a different plot for every episode…

EXTRA NOTE: Didn’t anyone else found that staff extremely interesting? She’s so talkative and fun. Hell, she’s a lot more ‘human’ than Fumika!!

5 thoughts on “Shigofumi

  1. i didn’t expect the end but i had a feeling with the music that played while he was making the rocket, it seemed eerily happy.

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