Finally, a tear…


And this time it’s not from laughing too much! CLANNAD’s episode 09 is a real tear jerker.

Everyone, I mean EVERYONE, including Nagisa and Tomoya, forget about Fuuko and the wedding. They go on through the day with the idea somewhere behind their mind that Sunday is an important day for them. While walking around the school they see the school president preparing a banner for the wedding, Nagisa and Tomoya suddenly remember about Fuuko and realize what it was that they couldn’t remember. That’s when they also were suddenly able to see Fuuko, who was with them the whole time…

Somehow, everyone else also remembered about the wedding!

Onee-chan kirei!

Shiawase ni nare!

Even all the students remembered!!

Those are {dramatic} manly tears!

Best part of the episode, Fuuko giving a starfish to her sister!

But after this, everyone reverted to forgetting about Fuuko…but they still have the starfish and a small seed in their mind connecting them to Fuuko, like they {somehow} know that sculpture is a Starfish. I guess they were holding everything back and making us laugh in the previous episodes and crammed all the tear jerking scenes for this episode alone!!

Kore Douzo…

With the Fuuko Arc done, I think the next one will be about Kotomi.

KotomiKotomiKotomi! Kotomi-cha~~n!

Obligatory Kyou screenshot!! ^_^

2 thoughts on “Finally, a tear…

  1. Nice ep!!! The unbearable part was made heartwarming instead of sad and tragic, and Tomoya’s tears!! Wow… Fuko will remain in everyone’s hearts even if the memories fade. Loved the screenshot with her giving the starfish to her sister.

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