Animelo Summer Live 2007 -Generation A- pt 2

Animelo 2007

The rest of the performances from both Disc 2 and 3. Again, not all the performances are here, just the ones I liked the most or the ones I have something to say on…

Ushiro yubisasare kumi – Kuribayashi Minami & Haruko Momoi

Animelo 2007

You already know anything by Haruko Momoi becomes a fun song, add a cosplaying Kuribayashi Minami to the mix and you get complete awesomeness!! The performance was great an all, but get a load of the back up dancers and their really short skirts!! I thought those only existed in anime!! ^_^ Also, see that piano-guitar looking thingy majig, I thought it was a prop, but no, she was actually playing it!!

Let’s go! Onyouji! – 矢部野彦麿&琴姫 With 坊主ダンサーズ
Sorry…can’t romanize that since I don’t know who they are. ^_^’ And couldn’t find anything on the internet.

Animelo 2007

I think I liked it because, along with the {break}-dancing, the combination of camera effects and the crazy beats was exilirating!! ^_^

Ali Project

Animelo 2007
That’s right!!! That’s a katana!!

I said I only like a few of Ali Project’s songs, and it so happens a few more of them were sung here!! Yuukyou Seishunka {Code Geass ED} and Hizamazuite Ashi wo Oname {Kaibutsu Oujo ED} along with both Rozen Maiden OPs are the only songs I listen to. Now that I think about it, I never did listen to Ouverture’s OP…Also, she sang Angoku Tengoku {Kamichama karin OP}…but I didn’t like it.

Takahashi Youko
“Tamashii no Refuran”, “Zankoku na Tenshi no Teeze”

Animelo 2007

Honorable Mention. I loved the transition between Tamashii no Refuran and Zankoku na Tenshi no Teeze!! Even after all this time, I still think that song is great!

“Bouken Deshou Deshou? ~Punk deshou version~” – Hirano Aya

Animelo 2007

Hmm…I have mixed feelings about this one. One one hand I dislike this version of the song. And I probably wouldn’t listen to it if came out as a single…I fear Haruhi 2 might use it as an OP!! >_< But on the other hand, Hirano Aya put out a great performance as she seems to be getting used to performing live! Also, this version worked because of where it was sung and because of the camera effects that were use. Like the “Let’s go! Onyouji!”, those camera effects made the performance a bit better!! ^_^

It also has my Hirano Aya fanboy-ism as it’s advantage!! ^_^ Other people might dislike it though.

JAM Project
“Break Out”, “VICTORY”, “SKILL”

Animelo 2007
The Crowd is jumping along them!!

I’m unfamiliar with JAM Project *Bricked* OWWW >_<, let me at least finish!!! I’m unfamiliar with JAM Project, but the crowd was going wild so I thought they deserve an honorable mention. *Bricked* OWWW >_< Why!? ;_;

Mizuki Nana
“Justice to Believe”, “SECRET AMBITION”, “Heart-shaped chant”

Animelo 2007

Animelo 2007

Really, you should know what I’m going to say. We’re talking about Mizuki Nana here!! So of course I’m going to say it’s the best performance of the whole concert!! Nothing, NOTHING, by Mizuki Nana has yet to dissapoint me and I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

I’m glad she chose to sing SECRET AMBITION rather than innocent starter or ETERNAL BLAZE since I’ve already seen those performed live. I always wanted to see SECRET AMBITION performed live anyways, and today I got my wish!! I also wanted to see more wild Mizuki Nana outfits, and that was also granted. The one on top was for Justice to Believe, and that white one for SECRET AMBITION and Heart-Shaped Chant!! Another thing I like is how she prances around the stage for the more up beat songs!! ^_^

Animelo 2007
Generation-A – anisamafurenzu {Anisama Friends}

Animelo 2007
OUTRIDE – anisamafurenzu {Anisama Friends}

Animelo 2007
Generation-A – Performed by artists and band members/back up dancers/back up vocals/etc. etc.

I just loved how EVERYONE came out to sing these three songs, and how each and every artist came to give their thanks!

2 thoughts on “Animelo Summer Live 2007 -Generation A- pt 2

  1. Nana-chan did Super Generation, Innocent Stater, Hime Murasaki, and Eternal Blaze at last year’s Animelo. Hime Murasaki sounds damn amazing live. I spent the majority of the first week of January this year watching the rips of the animelo 2006 and the live rainbow dvds. :D

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