Climatic Events

The Fall 2007 anime season is coming to an end, that means only one thing: Most anime have reached their climax and turning points!!

Night Wizard

Shiho Elis - Night Wizard

This anime is so easy to figure out, the hints were way too easy. It doesn’t take a genius connect the picture of a great devil monster on a painting wall to Elis. All you have to look at are it’s ‘wings’ and Elis’ broom. {That’s a wizard’s signature weapon.} So I wasn’t really surprised when it was revealed that Elis is the reincarnation of the great Devil Lord Syaimaral. Also, Akari’s mission is to fight them next episode, I predict there is something else to this ‘mission’.


ef -a tale of memories-

ef - a tale of memories -

Wait!! Didn’t you chose to go back to Kei? Or did you mean to go back how it used to be? As Brother and Sister? Wha? You’re still half-assing you decisions!! >_< Was that the solution for Kei’s and Miyako’s story? I thought he was suppose to choose one over the other. Whatever, I really hope Renji and Chihiro’s story turns out better {next episode}. Their relationship has been the most interesting anyways.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Gundam 00
Cross-Dressing Gundams!?! O_o

The inept idea of having just ONE rookie looking over the bridge while the rest were on lunch break and/or checking up on the Gundams was, plainly put, stupid. You’re wanted by the whole world, you’re classified as terrorists, you have technology way beyond the military, and yet, you just allowed the command center to have only ONE person to keep a look out, with that many monitors he’s bound to miss something. In a way, you deserved the attack on the base. Not only that, you showed your enemy a very secret {cross-dressing} technique of the Gundams!!


Hoshino Asami - Myself;Yourself
Nakahara Mai + Emo = Awesomeness!!

This anime has recently been throwing stuff at you at full force. So much that I can’t really tell where the turning point was. There’s just so many candidates, even when we first saw Sana get freaked out by a bloody knife. But in episode 10 we get yet another 180 turn, but this time by the oh so innocent Hoshino Asami. She was the one behind the anonymous letter and the love umbrella on the chalkboard.

How much are they planning to throw in our faces before the story ends in two episodes? We still haven’t heard Sana’s full story!! >_<

Also, the twins really did ran a way…

Shakugan No Shana II

Shakugan no Shana

Shakugan No Shana

Is it finally going to get down to the meat of the story? Is Goat-tan going to return?? Was she a one hit wonder? What is the second season about? >_< So far, I think it’s just about Yuuji and his Silver Flame. Which means somewhere in the future he will fight against Margery Daw! We know Bel Masque is up to something {probably something involving a human Hecate? Hell, is that even Hecate?} but we haven’t even seen any activity by them. This is barely the first half of the Second season, so the second half should have all the juicy parts!!


Minmi-Ke Minami Touma

What there’s a climax?? Nope, just another case of gender switching!! ^_^ Say hello to Chiaki’s {proclaimed} Ototo, Minami Touma!! Also, this is the first time I heard Mizuki Nana play a rough in your face tomboy girl rather than the shy or timid girl!! ^_^ She’s still no match for everyone’s favorite trap Mako-chan!!

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