New Anime I’ve Picked up

Sometimes I find myself bored out of my mind with nothing to do but play video-games or just watch random stuff on T.V. But there is rarely something interesting of T.V so I sometimes I watch RAW episodes of anime while waiting for subs, but I only do that for CLANNAD, DaCapo II, and Myself;Yourself because they are a lot easier to understand!! ^_^’

Along with the current anime that I’m watching {about 13}, you would think that I would always have something to watch. But that’s not the case…there are days when there is nothing new out and I have already watched or caught up to a series…and the internet rarely keeps me busy. On those days, I scower around my brother’s laptop {through wireless home network} to see what he’s watching that I am not and give some of them a try…depending on what he says what it’s about!! ^_^

Here are some anime that I’ve picked up and that look like I will enjoy! I’ve only seen a few episodes so what I think at the end might change:

Kimikiss ~pure rouge~

Click image for 1280×1024 wallpaper

At first this is your typical romance anime where the guy is too shy to approach the girl he likes and vice-versa needing the help of his ‘Mao-nee-chan’, that onee-chan is actually his childhood friend. But soon, you see that his closest friend Kazuki is the one with the most interesting/complicated relationship. He also faces the most emotions and gets the most troubled. Kinda makes Kouichi’s relationship into a child’s type of relationship, all Kouichi has to do is say he likes her {Yumi, the one in the picture above.} I really don’t see any problems for Kouichi anyways…we’ll see how it play out.

What I like the most about the anime is the ED song itself!!

Prism Ark

For some reason, I didn’t quickly picked this anime up even though I said it was one that I was looking forward to. But I’m watching it now and it’s pretty good {so far}. The first episode is what drew me in. It threw you into the middle of the conflict and showed a bit of what to expect from the battles! At the same time though, it left me a bit confused as to what the hell was going on and who the characters were. The next two episodes confirmed that the first episode was a prologue and the following episodes is about how everything began. I want to continue watching it, but for some odd reason episode 5 isn’t subbed!! >_< I’ll wait patiently for it for two more days, if it’s not out, then I’ll watch the RAW and continue watching the other subbed episodes. The story was getting interesting.

SIDE NOTE: /me loves Bridget’s sentence ender. ^_^ Suisei Seki has her “desu~!”, Bridget has her “hai~!” {It’s one of those thing that sound better/cute when listening to it!!}


This is not really a great amazing anime, but it’s something good to pass the time with. It’s really fast paced, I understand since the heroes have to find the “Seven Jewels of Virtue” in about 13 episodes!! ^_^’ It’s another anime based on a video-game, but unlike other ‘video-game to anime’ shows, I’m really liking this one. The magic, the weapons, and mythical creatures call out to me! Plus, to counter all this ‘shounen’-ness, we have Shiho Elis {she’s not the one in that picture} a cute/moe and, what seems to be, a powerful wizard!!

SIDE NOTE: Just like Kimikiss ~pure rouge~, what I like the most is a song, this time the OP.

>Miyazaki Ui - KURENAI

“KURENAI” by: Miyazaki Ui {Elis’ seiyuu} reeks of awesome-ness!!! How can this tiny girl bring out such and awesome voice!? She brings the same sort of energy as Mizuki Nana, and oddly enough, “KURENAI” sound a bit like “SECRET AMBITION”!! This is quickly becoming a favorite OP song!

Ghost Hound

I just started this one yesterday, and all I can say is: “Holy Cr@p!! This is a mind trip!!” It’s pretty interesting to say the least. Everything is centered around the human brain and the psychological traumas it can have. Things like amnesia, out of body experiences, and even seeing ghosts. That girl right there can see ghosts and stuff, those guys behind her for some reason leave their bodies and enter the other world. It’s that out of body experience thing, and during that they can see ghosts and other weird creatures. I still haven’t grasped what the anime is completely about, but it will interesting to see where it leads!!

Shion no Ou

“You smell like a dog because you don’t wash yourself!!”

Hmm…I don’t really know what to say about this anime. I have no definite reason as to why I’m really watching this one. Let’s just say I find it interesting like “Hikaru no Go” {manga}.

It’s also a fast paced anime, it quickly jumps time too. One minute she’s testing to be a professional shogi player, and after losing the game, she is told to try again next year. Then next episode she’s already a professional…So that’s like two years in about two episodes!! O_o But it’s not weird enough to mess with the story.

Anyway, all of these aren’t on my priority list. These are the ones I watch when there is nothing else to watch!

7 thoughts on “New Anime I’ve Picked up

  1. Those are all of my “to watch” list, but I’ve been too busy to even watch the series that I’ve already committed to. :( I did start watching Shugo Chara and Ookiku Furikabutte over the weekend and both are excellent shows.

    Part of me just wants to not follow so many series weekly and just watch older stuff. I can go at my own pace and I’ll be clearing out the backlog. Winter is usually when that happens mainly because there isn’t much to watch them. At least right now only Rosario + Vampire, H2O, and Aria are on my radar for winter, so I’ll probably watch most of the 2007 stuff in 2008. :D

  2. yep yep, added them all to me “to watch list” i do hate waiting for episodes of newer anime to be released. Mostly everything but CLANNAD, Myself;Yourself, Genshiken 2, EF, and Moyashimon are on a back burner for me to try anf polish off Maison Ikkoku. Which by the way you really should watch… It’s amazing Scott got me to watch it, it’s amazing really.

  3. Umm, I’ve not watched any on your list, coincidentally lol. Currently hooked on Shugo Chara, Bamboo Blade and Clannad. I’ve been getting myself to go for Prism Ark, but procrastination strikes again.

  4. @deftoned: Along with those three shows, I’m also looking forward to “Ookami to Koushinryou” {Wolf and Spice}. I read three chapters and it looked really interesting.

    @Dancing Queen: -_- I really want to, but like I said on your group, I’m running out of space both on internal and external drives. It doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to get an external drive until January {probably}… -_-

    @§oL: Procrastination is also my worst enemy!! >_<

  5. I’ve heard of most of these shows, but sadly I haven’t watched any… Though, the one I never heard about is Ghost Hound! it sounds like it might be a really good show from the way you describe it! I hope to try and watch it sometime soon! so many animes to watch in so little time! ^_^

  6. @lostty: Which is why I’ll most likely end up watching them during the winter season, which over the last 3 years has been the worst season of the year in terms of the number of QUALITY shows coming out. There are always at least a few good ones, but overall, it’s just carryover form the fall, which makes it a perfect time to catch up on stuff. That’s what happened in 2007–the winter season had Manabi Straight and Hidamari Sketch. Two awesome series, but that was it. Left plenty of time to watch some that was already finished up.

  7. Hmm .. I’ve seen a bit of Kimikiss and personally I don’t think it’s that good. I’ve seen ghost hound and it seems alright although I wouldn’t call it “scary” as most people have said

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