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It’s not the anime itself, I just started watching it yesterday!! {It’s your typical romance anime where the guy likes a girls but is too shy to even approach her…the same thing can be said about the girl. That is until the Onee-chan come to help with relationship problems!} What I’m addicted to is the ED song of Kimikiss ~ Pure Rouge, “Negaiboshi” by: Snow*.

I watched the first episode yesterday and right after it finished, I jumped onto the net to get my hands on the ED song…and the OP too since I was already at it. By the way, the OP is sung by ‘marble’ and it’s an alright song, but it’s not even comparable to “Mebae Drive”. Out of my limited 7 marble song, “Mebae Drive” is hands down the best song by them.

I’m not really into romantic [love] songs, but there are songs that are just to hard to resist and all you can do is admit it and listen to your heart’s content! For me, “Negaiboshi” is one of those songs. I don’t know who Snow* is or if they have more songs, but this song is just so awesome/addictive, it has everything a love song should have. You have your slow but nice tempo, faint but noticeable instruments, great lyrics, and a voice that cant project these emotions skillfully to make the listener feel something. It’s one of those song you fall in love at first listen, heck I wanted it when I heard it at the end of Kimikiss! It’s a feat only a few songs, and artist, can do!

There’s another slow love song in this single and it’s also a nice song, but it didn’t leave the impact that “Negaiboshi” did.

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