Milky Holmes – Case Closed

Is Nero trying to tell us something?

Woah, those last two episodes were pretty good! If only the rest of the anime was as bad-ass as those two. Oh well, retarded fun is all good too!

What I found dumb was that they got their toys back, they figured out Arsene was Henriette because bewbs (great evidence gathering detectives!), and they didn’t really care much. But then they crash into earth (literally) and some details, important details, were forgotten. Oh and they lose their toys again…

I feel for Arsene, she got to play with her powered up detectives she always wanted so much and they are back to being useless. But I liked this ending, a bit dumb but it’s fine for a series as dumb as this.

That last scene had Mori Arty transfer in, so I guess another season!? Or maybe a tease from the game.

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