Winter 2011 Anime Preview

New season around the corner, or is it already here?, so let’s take a look at the lineup and choose five that look interesting to me.


Last season I watched Milky Holmes for a detective anime, this coming season there’s Gosick to try! And this one looks to be a whole lot better at detectives than Milky Holmes was. But then again, Milky Holmes didn’t set the bar very high…don’t think it even moved it.


I’ve been reading the manga since I dunno how long ago…and I still cannot say/pronounce it’s freaking name! The manga is alright, I like this demon stuff going on and Oga is on bad ass character while Hilda is one delicious wet nurse~!

I can use a little shounen. I’m watching Fairy Tail but another can’t hurt!


The sypnosis mentions “Fractale System” but doesn’t say just what the heck it is. And that is enough to intrigue me into paying attention to this.

Haiyoru! Nyariko

I watched that mini anime this thing had. It was funny. Wonder if this will be like it. I don’t actually know what the light novels are like and if the minie anime was an adaptation reflecting what it’s like but let’s keep an eye on it for now.

Did this already aired? I think it has…but I’ll wait ’till after New Year to watch new stuffs.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magic

Mahou. Shoujo. SHAFT.

Enough said.

This of course is not the list I will stick with. I like to taste the waters before deciding so I try to watch as much as I can, this list is just to see which anime look interesting and keep an eye on.

P.S: “Rio”…seriously? lol

2 thoughts on “Winter 2011 Anime Preview

  1. Bee-L-ze-bub. Or at least that’s how I pronounce it :V

    The Fractale system is a system of generating fairy tales using random fractals. You can infer their purposes from their titles!

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