Kaichou ha Maid-sama – Woah Already!?

Way to go Usui! Taking initiative!

That will surely leave an impression on Misaki. She was kissed, confessed to, then she saw Usui JUMP OFF THE SCHOOL ROOF to save her secret. Maybe he planned this to imprint himself on her mind XD

By the way, I’m not too fond of Usui. When paired up with Misaki he’s funny but, it seems like he’s just too perfect. He can do anything. Kinda boring. -_-

4 thoughts on “Kaichou ha Maid-sama – Woah Already!?

  1. Don’t forget they try and make her seem perfect to but everyones got their weaknesses usui is just a horn dog for maids

  2. Usui and Misaki both can do just about anything, but there’s bound to be that one thing they can’t overcome. Misaki’s issues with men, her job, and Usui are pretty plain, but as I mentioned early on, there’s bound to be some tie-up for Usui which might complicate things. Not sure even the manga followers know the details/backstory on Usui… but yea, bound to be something.

    Usui’s initiate is solid though, very confident.

  3. @Mist, Ryan A & Fabrice:

    Every genius/perfect guy has to lack in something, that is usually lightly revealed in the first few eps, but so far I don’t know what Usui lacks (maybe I missed it?). Which is why I’m not really too fond of him, I don’t find him interesting.

    Misaki can do almost anything but she has a the man hate thing and the secret maid thing going for her.

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