Kampfer – Guilty Pleasure GET!

Because everyone is using this cap…

I just gotta get this out first…LOL THIS FIRST EPISODE WAS F.CKING AWESOME!!!

Kampfer had me at “genderbend”, but with all these other little guilty pleasures crawling around the first episode, it was more than enough to call it a definite watch. I may be jumping the gun here, and I know I’m not supposed to judge by first episode, but dammit, this was a very damn entertaining first episode that I just can’t help but think it will be this stupidly awesome all the way through!


Kicking off the episode was a short scene where this red haired girl was chasing this blue haired girl, it was just a quick scene, with some nice action. So far, so good. But once I heard the blue hair chick, Senou Natsuru, talk…or more specifically, scream, I was sold!

Senou Natsuru is Inoue “I AM BOSS” Marina!!! HHHHNNNNGGGGGHHH!!!!

That’s right, a voice actress sold the anime for me! This isn’t rare, I usually watch anime just because of the cast, Kampfer had me with a genderbent character fighting it out with other girls, but with Inoue Marina as the lead, I’M F.CKING SOLD!!!!

suisei Yeah right! You just like how Natsuru looks!
elfandfaerie-smaller Woah! Suisei what are you doing here?
suisei Hehehe~ Surprised ya! I’m just paying a visit since I don’t come out here as much…is that okay?
elfandfaerie-smaller Yeah it’s okay, you’re always welcome here! Well, there are some exceptions… >_>

Anyways, I’m in the middle of a post, wanna help out?

suisei Yup!
elfandfaerie-smaller Alright! Continuing on.

BTW, you totally right about me liking how Natsuru looks! Uhh…the female version that is…

elfandfaerie-smaller Anyways, where was I…oh yeah, INOUE MARINA! Though she sounds great as the female version of Natsuru, she sounds like a wimp when in male form…she can do a better male voice.


suisei Hmm…judging by the way he looks, I also thought he would sound a bit more…umm what’s that one word?…oh yeah, GAR! I thought he would sound more GAR…but he sounds too soft….



elfandfaerie-smaller This character here is made of awesome! Let me tell you why:


suisei Hehehe~ I love these plushies! They have their guts spilling out! Oddly cute~~~ I especially like this black bunny simply because she’s voiced by Tamura Yukari! It comes with a Seiyuu joke! ^_^

Ending the episode with a bang!

elfandfaerie-smaller The first episode of Kampfer was fun, I won’t say it was good, but entertaining nonetheless. It had some funny moments, some seiyuu jokes…we all love seiyuu jokes to stroke e-peen test their knowledge…and nice action scenes. Oddly enough, for an anime of this type, there weren’t much pantsu shots…hell, there wasn’t even one!
suisei I say that’s a good thing…
elfandfaerie-smaller lol Yeah, nothing to distract you from the…um…the…the genderbening >_> Still don’t know why or for what they’re fighting…gotta wait for moar episodes for that…but I think this anime will be enjoyable despite the story. It is of course, just a guilty pleasure! If it continues like this, I may just post about it episodically…something I wanna start to do this season.
suisei If you do, can I come back and do this with you!?
elfandfaerie-smaller Of course, you’re always welcomed here Suisei~! And It doesn’t necessarily have to be only with Kampfer!
suisei ‘Kay~!
elfandfaerie-smaller Well now, I’m off to watch Railgun, which is really, the anime that makes the Fall Season!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Kampfer – Guilty Pleasure GET!

  1. Kämpfer was a great episode. I can´t wait for more eps to be released.

    I´m no voice actor/actress expert but I am pleased to know that I had right when it came to Horie Yui :)

    Doesn´t she also voice Minorin from Toradora?

      • So far I´ve grown to like Horie Yui as her voice to Naru in Love Hina and Chie in Persona 4 :)

        But whenever I find out she voices another character it tends to be a bit more of a favorite of mine :p

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