Akane Maniax

Akane Maniax

I finally got to watch Akane Maniax, I don’t know what kept me from watching it a long time ago when I watched Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, but the recent OVA rose my interest in Akane Maniax all over again…and for a parody OVA, it really had some great Akane development. I first thought it was going to be a complete comedic OVA like “Ayu-Mayu Theater”, and for the most part it kinda was. But to counter Gouda Jouji and his passionate screaming and wild imagination, it gave us some nice touching Akane moments, which is really why someone should watch this OVA.

Akane Maniax
We go from a depressed Akane,

Akane Maniax
to a happy and determined Akane!! ♥

Also, I have new found love for the OP {“beginning” by: Kuribayashi Minami} and ED {“Arigato…” By: Mizuhashi Kaori}. I’ve been listening to the songs since a while back, but I didn’t know they were from Akane Maniax, I just got it because it had Kuribayashi Minami!! ^_^ After watching Akane Maniax, I found the feelings/emotions behind the lyrics!!

Akane Maniax

And finally, I gotta give credit to Gouda Jouji {Tomokazu Seki} for his wild and crazy imagination, which made the anime fun to watch!! He also gave us a little something to help us fall in love with Akane:

Akane Maniax

Akane Maniax

Akane Maniax

Akane Maniax

Thank you Jouji, here’s a little present for you!!! ^_^

Akane Maniax

All that I wish for now is an animated adaptation of Muv-Luv so I could finally have a sense of completion!! ^_^

8 thoughts on “Akane Maniax

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  2. The first time I watched it, I struggled to get through it. It’s funny for sure, but the lack of consistency and complete randomness (in a bad way) took away from the enjoyment. I could watch either Kiminozo or the Ayu-Mayu stuff again, but I can’t say the same of Akane Maniax… and as you know, I liked Akane.

    @DQ: It’s hardly worth it for Seki Tomokazu. As much as I enjoy him, he really pushed my tolerance level in Akane Maniax, like he did in Gundam Seed.

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