Kampfer – Guilty Pleasure GET!

.: Omake :.

suisei 53RG10-sama…I got a question. Umm…do, do you like guys?
elfandfaerie-smaller Nope.
suisei But you like Natsuru {female version} right?
elfandfaerie-smaller Uhhh…yeah, I think she looks cute.
suisei But she is a guy…isn’t she, um…he?
elfandfaerie-smaller No no no. Genderbending means you change the WHOLE body to the opposite sex, so she is technically 100% female.
suisei But she used to be a guy right…then that means you must also like the male version…
elfandfaerie-smaller No.
suisei But for a genderbending to occur…umm…according to what I see in Danbooru…it must mean that the genderbender must want to do ‘something’ to the guy…but must feel, um…gay, so changed him to female…right?
elfandfaerie-smaller Why are you browsing Danbooru…I told you not to go there!
suisei Don’t avoid the question…
elfandfaerie-smaller *sigh* You got me there Suisei…I dunno what to say…

But you can be sure I don’t have an interest in guys…

suisei Then why do you say you’ll go GAR for
elfandfaerie-smaller Suisei no…no…just no.
suisei ^_^

5 thoughts on “Kampfer – Guilty Pleasure GET!

  1. Kämpfer was a great episode. I can´t wait for more eps to be released.

    I´m no voice actor/actress expert but I am pleased to know that I had right when it came to Horie Yui :)

    Doesn´t she also voice Minorin from Toradora?

      • So far I´ve grown to like Horie Yui as her voice to Naru in Love Hina and Chie in Persona 4 :)

        But whenever I find out she voices another character it tends to be a bit more of a favorite of mine :p

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