To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – IT BEGINS!

“Nothing much…just here PWN-ing some hoodlums…”

With this, with THIS the season officially begins for me! And with this, with THIS I’m all set for the fall season! THAT is how awesome the first episode was!

The thing that makes To Aru Kagaku no Railgun more successful than To Aru Majutsu no Index, is that Railgun has only one story to tell. The story of Misaka Mikoto and a certain case she gets dragged into, more like she jumped into it. Index on the other hand, had little bits of arcs through the anime, which made the anime a bit constricting on the character department. The characters weren’t given enough screen time to be fleshed out…that and everyone NEVER F.CKING LISTENED TO THE PREACHING OF TOUMA. IF THEY LISTENED THERE WOULDN’T BE MUCH MORE TALKING!! >_< But IMO Index was still good.

Well, the anime is barely starting and I don't know whether it will go the manga route, oh gawd I hope it does, so I'm comparing Index anime with the Railgun manga. But hey, simply by having Misaka Mikoto as the lead character makes Railgun automatically better than Index! THAT is how awesome Railgun is!


suisei Hehehe~ 53RG10-sama may be completely entranced by Mikoto, but I like Kuroko a lot more! This tiny little girl is so awesome! She is very skillful and always completes her job, but you know what else I like about her? The way she talks!

“watakushi” “desuno” “oneesama” All in the voice of Arai Satomi~!! Kyaa~ She sounds so refined…and so rich!!! Also also! That refined way of talking is more awesome when she’s turns all perverted around Mikoto!!!

“Tada no KINSHIP desu noni~”

elfandfaerie-smaller HHHNNNNNNNGGGGGHHHHH!!!!
suisei Hehehe~ Knew you’d like that screen cap!
suisei But yeah, Kuroko is a perverted little girl and I love how she talks! “watakushi” “watakushi” “watakushi” ^_^

Hehehe~ can’t wait to see more of this anime Kuroko!

9 thoughts on “To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – IT BEGINS!

  1. I haven’t finished watching Index yet but Railgun stands pretty well on its own without it. And I agree, the anime for this one can probably be better than Index’s adaptation…who had too many things going simultaneously (but I still liked it).

    Anyways, lol, Misaka is still cool and adorably tsundere while Kuroko just brings in a lot of laughs. I really liked the new characters, too (Uiharu~, SATEN! XD) Can’t wait for the next episode. ^^

    • Uiharu is made of moe~ add Toyosaki Aki to it and you got a cute sounding character!

      Saten, I like how she looks, she’s a good looking character. Also, she kinda like an older sister to Uiharu.

  2. Yes! It’s time to get this Kuroko army started!

    I wonder how much of a role Touma will end up having… hopefully extremely minor.

  3. -lolsorandumXd little girls talking about nothing
    -generic esp power fightan
    -shitty predictable “plot” gotta stop the bank robbers!11
    -most annoying voice award

    So is anyone even still watching this garbage?

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