Discreet Nekkidness

While searching around the second episode of Code Geass for a nice C.C screencap {preferably one with that sign on her forehead} to add to my next post, I paused a second too early during the re-cap and captured this:

That may seem like nothing, but after I opened it on my image editing program to re-size it to 480px wide, I noticed that the colors were inverted, and just for kicks I inverted the colors. This is what I got:

Want the full 1280×720? CLICK ME {Pervert}!!

I though Kallen’s Bunny Outfit {which by the way is getting a freakishly amount of fan-arts…no complaint from me!! ^_^ } was made of pure win, but C.C managed to take that win from her!! ^_^

That’s one way to discreetly show nekkidness!!

Also, it seems I wasn’t the only one who noticed

6 thoughts on “Discreet Nekkidness

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  3. viletta has nipples in the episode she awakens in Ohgi’s appartment after being shot by Shirley… at least she does in the fansub version :D

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