Special A, Soul Eater, & Macross Frontier

Special A

I keep expecting him to use the power of Geass… -_-

At first, I was drawn back by the art style. This long legs, arms, body, etc. art style isn’t really visually appealing to me. But if it has a stronger force that pulls me in, then I can overlook it and enjoy the series to it’s fullest. And Special A’s pulling force is the eccentricity of the characters and the comedy they bring. Especially from the Tadashi and Akira pair! Those guy crack me up!! ^_^ It’s usually the action in the background that makes me laugh hard!

Story wise, it’s a “you are my rival and I hate you…but I think I might be falling in love with you” kinda deal, though I don’t know if it’s from Kei’s or Hikari’s front! ^_^ Its all well and fine by me if the comedy keeps coming! I don’t think I’ll take this anime seriously, but who knows what it’ll turn out.

Soul Eater

I went GAR.

An anime that is completely weird and action filled? A la Gurren Lagann?! Count me in!! ^_^ Not only is this anime wild/bizarre and funny, it has some visually appealing art style…again, a la Gurren Lagann. I don’t want to compare it to Gurren Lagann and I know they’re both different {and are from different studios}, but all through the episode, I just couldn’t help it… -_-‘

Macross Frontier

I want one…

I was going to pick this one up as a side anime, an anime I see when I don’t have anything to do. But with deftoned’s influence and the awesome-ness that was episode 1, this anime instantly jumped to the priority list. ^_^ I wasn’t really that much into mecha, and the only ‘mecha’ anime I’ve seen was Eureka SeveN, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and Gundam 00, all which started to change my perspective.

I’m prepared for the corny theme “the power of songs brings peace” and a love triangle, so I don’t think there’s anything that will draw me back from Macross Frontier…that is, unless the story sucks… -_-

6 thoughts on “Special A, Soul Eater, & Macross Frontier

  1. GERWALK 4TW! I have some high expectations for Frontier right now. It started out a lot like the original series did (peaceful times, main guy suddenly thrusted into a war), but has this more modern Macross Plus feel to it. What I hope won’t happen would be if Frontier takes a Macross 7 direction and throws in filler episode after filler episode, while advancing the story s-l-o-w-l-y. The first 35 episodes or so were a pain to get through, but it doesn’t seem like that will happen. One of the strengths of the original series was that it was always moving along and was balance, and things feel like that now.

    Don’t worry too much about the singing. Really only in Macross 7 did it get tedious, but every other Macross entry, it has meshed in well. I REALLY RECOMMEND you check out at least Do You Remember Love and Macross Plus (both movies or short OVAs). Quick watches, but so worth the time. Especially DYRL… it will fill in some blanks that I’m sure will pop up in Frontier. ;) I should have my Macross Plus entry up tomorrow night ::crosses fingers::

  2. It was Lelouch´s voice actor that did the guy in Special A then!! I was wondeing why that voice sounded so familiar :)

    After watching EP 02 of Macross Frontier RAW(god I love knowing some japanese!!) and the show just gets better and better.

    You´ll get your love triangle, as shown in the OP and from EP01 it has already started.

    Macross Frontier is a show that indeed needs to be on your priority list!! Otherwise I would get mad at you!!

    With the nice animation, nice songs and the mystery with Ranka well you got yourself a really good show :)

  3. @deftoned: I want to see the whole Macross series, but I don’t have enough space for it…but I’ll nag ask my brother if I could use his external Hard Drive!! ^_^ I have space for Do you Remember Love and Macross Plus though!

    @manga: I got a “something is going on with Renka” vibe when she said she was 1/4 Zentradi…

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  5. This is a bit late, but with Macross Frontier, I recommend watching:
    Macross- Do You Remember Love?
    Macross- Plus
    Macross- Zero (This one is the most relevant to Frontier at the moment)

    Another note, the Macross franchise has taken an interesting approach at a mecha anime- the mecha are actually a secondary thing; it’s mostly about music and love. You’ll notice that you could take out the entire mecha plot and insert a generic war and it’d work as well. But yeah, the meches are fantastic :P

  6. Very ‘beautiful’ mecha anime I ‘ver seen.., Bassically Fighter jet IS AWESOME!! And Mecha is Great too…(*.*) ((Fighter Jet + Mech Trasformation = MACROSS F))
    It’s BEST Mecha anime this Year.

    The Music and Songs is beautiful too, and very matching with the Animatic-‘n-Combat-Scene. (^_^) especially the ‘Infinity’ performed by Sheryl Norme and Ranka Lee

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