Questions Answered, Questions Asked

Damn…she’s clothed… -_-

Another great action filled episode where Lelouch remembered everything that happened after the events of Stage 24+25, clearing some questions we all had in our minds. But of course, there were some questions asked, like “Who/what is Rollo?” “Why does he too have geass?” “Where’s Nunally?” “What is this power that can bring down gods?” “What is that shrine?” “Is she doing another table?” O_o

No, that’s not an orgasm face, she found out the table is cheating on her with a chair…

Well, anyways, things are heating up as Zero announced his return the formation of a new county, The United States of Japan, with a little “help” from the Chinese Federation and it’s embassy. Which by the way has a really high pitched ambassador…Gohai was his name? How can anyone understand what he’s saying?

4 thoughts on “Questions Answered, Questions Asked

  1. “Damn…she’s clothed…”
    Prefer her to be nekkid? What will Pizza Hut say? ;p

    “Is she doing another table?
    Now that she’s working in a research lab, she’ll have a lot more equipment to play with.

    “Gohai was his name?”
    Yep, Gaohai. His voice is too high pitch for my liking. He speaks as though someone was strangling him senseless. o.O

    Wonder how long will he stay under the Geass’ influence…

  2. i’m actually excited for this new season, i was pissed at slow releases, confusing story from last season but they so far have been making it up to us ^_^

  3. Keiri said:

    Now that she’s working in a research lab, she’ll have a lot more equipment to play with.

    Sources say she dislikes cold machinery, she prefers the hardness of wood!! ;)

  4. Damn, I forgot about the lesbian psyocho chick and Ep 2 reminded me, why couldn´t they have killed her in the first season? Couldn´t she have been blasted to dust when everything blew in her face?

    I hate that damn bitch more than I hate Suzaku. And at the same time as the hobby behaviourist I am I know why she acts like that. But she´s just so fucked up in her head from the beginning all I say is: Erase and Rewind!!

    Still waiting for Ep 3.

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