Code Geass R2

The most anticipated anime of the season, and I gotta say, it was awesome and confusing at the same time! You are thrown into an episode that is oddly familiar to the very first episode of the series. Where a ‘no memories’ Lelouch is gambling with adults at the casino and getting into trouble, also as if a ‘normal’ Lelouch wasn’t confusing enough, they had Villieta as a teacher. I was expecting a continuation of what happened in that cave with Suzuaku or the events before it, but we got something in the same line as the series first episode, which isn’t bad at all. It wouldn’t be a good choice to reveal everything in the first episode right? ^_^’

This is for sure an anime I will loyally follow all season long! I’m looking forward in seeing how {or if} Sunrise will answer all these questions and tie up all the loose ends.

Bunny Outfit + Kallen Stadtfield + Guren Nishiki = WIN!

3 thoughts on “Code Geass R2

  1. I’m gonna buy me a personal pan pizza at Pizza Hut tomorrow after work and have it while watching episode 1. Yes, I’ve had this all planned since last summer. :D

  2. Oh gawd, Lulu looked so creepy back in the end of season 1 *laughs*
    It’s hard to believe it’s the same guy that happily runs around the in the school in the beginning. XD

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