They are my Noble Masters

They are my Noble Masters

I caught this over at TokyoTosho and would’ve pass on it if it weren’t for the fact that [Ayako] subbed it. Yes, I chose it entirely because of the subbers… -_- Well, there has to be a way for me to chose anime since I didn’t researched the upcoming anime!! ^_^’ Anyway, the first episode left me with a bit of mixed feelings.

It just looks like it’s been done before, this plot of having a guy become the butler of a beautiful mistress because of abusive or neglecting parents, I’ve seen it before. {Which begs a question..were all butlers rejected by their parents?} I can’t help but think that they’re copying “Hayate no Gotoku!”, not only in theme, but it seems that in genre too!!

“Due to family troubles, Ren Uesugi and his sister, Mihato, leave their home. They end up moving to the city but find themselves with a lack of money. Somehow they are able to find work in the form of the Kuonji family’s mansion, being employed as servants to the three sisters of the Kuonji family: Shinra, Miyu, and Yume. Being a servant also associates Ren with the mansion’s additional servants and the Kuonji sisters’ friends.”

—From Anime News Network

They are my Noble Masters
Deja vu…

They are my Noble Masters
A younger Klaus? O_o

But once you get past the introduction scene, it becomes its own anime. With it’s own sense of humor and with it’s own weird characters! This is barely the first episode, so I don’t really have anything to say other than I’ll give it a few more episodes and see if it’ll be unique. So let’s just take a look at some of the characters:

They are my Noble Masters
Uesugi Ren: Butler in training – Plus point: Tomokazu Seki {and I just had my share in Akane Maniax!}

They are my Noble Masters
Uesugi Misato: Maid in training – Plus point: Megane Onee-chan with a brother complex!!

They are my Noble Masters
Venus {Benisu}: Head Maid – Plus point: Her name will make me giggle everytime!!

They are my Noble Masters
Kuonji Shinra: Master – Plus point: Despite her tough attitude…she loves ‘kawaii’ things!

They are my Noble Masters
Kuonji Miyu: Oujou-chan – Plus point: Twin tailed with sharp eyes!! Also, self proclaimed ‘sexy’!! ♥


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