true tears

Here’s another romance anime which seems like it has a touch of the supernatural…and I’m loving it!! It just gives me “AIR TV” and “Kanon (2006)” vibes, which is a good thing. But I don’t think it will have that mysterious theme, like angels, demons, and stuff. That supernatural thing I mentioned is just the feel it gives me! ^_^’

I’ll let ANN do the work for me:

Shinichiro is a student living in what would be a dream come true for most high school boys, but for him is mostly a frustration. A well liked girl in school named Hiromi has lived in his house for a year along with his family. Her father was a close friend of the family, and when he died they immediately took her in. She is popular and well liked, always smiles, is talented in sports- but Shinichiro knows there must be tears inside her. Having an artistic tendency, he makes watercolours of her and thinks about wishing to ease her tears. Yet he cannot bring up the nerve to talk to her even in his own home.

So with that, let’s look at the three main girls:

She looks a lot cuter when smiling and laughing…and with a ponytail!!

Yuasa Hiromi is living with the main character, Nakagami Shinichiro, because the Nakagami family took her in when her father died. For some reason Hiromi acts all sportive and genki-ish at school, but when she’s at home she’s more quiet and reserved, I think it’s because Shinichiro is there {I bet she likes him}, but that’s a total guess.

Angry Face = Moe~♥!

Isirugi Noe looks the most fun out of all three girls, with her introduction being that she’s stuck on a tree!! She likes singing a lot while making up the lyrics as she goes on. She says that she gave her tears away, which is why she didn’t cry when Raigomaru “flew away”… Oh! And she apparently talks to chickens!! ^_^

And last but not least Endo Aiko. She looks like the tomboyish tsundere…and that’s all I got from her… -_-‘ We didn’t get much other that she works at a restaurant and that she’s a year older than Shinichiro.

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